David Walters

David walters (voice/drums/looper) • Alex lewkowicz (drums) • Celia wa (voice/synth/sample)


Eternal explorer of Creole cultures, David Walters is back with a new album "Soleil Kréyol", inspired by New York, a city at the confluence of the world's métissages.

A way to retrace the steps of his grandfather, a tap dancer and West Indian cook, who one day migrated to New York. A city that will never cease to fascinate Walters, attracted by the heritage of funk, disco or house. Conceiving the record as a bridge between the West Indies, Africa and America, the multi-instrumentalist and beatmaker has joined forces with the producer Patchworks (Voilaaaa, Da break...) and brings along a few guests in his musical nomadism (Vincent Ségal, Ibrahim Maalouf, Seun Kuti...). His creole soul, which he qualifies himself, has style and blows an invigorating wind.
  Sunday 25/07 - 14h


From the village of Le Châtelard, the VerticAlp Emosson Funicular takes you on an impressive 700-metre journey with a maximum gradient of 87%, one of the steepest in the world! As you ascend, the view opens up onto an ever more grandiose Alpine landscape, until you reach the Montuires arrival station. From there a small path leads you to the Village des Branchés where the concerts will take place. Access is also possible on foot from Emosson via a path on the mountainside.
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