Joachim Horsley

Joachim Horsley (piano) • Damien Nueva Cortes (basse/contrebasse) • Natasha Roger (percussions) •  Thomas Bellon (batterie/timbales)

Friday 26/07/19     LE TOUR - CHARAMILLON

Organizing the meeting between classical music and Latin music is a particularly ambitious project as these two artistic worlds seem to oppose each other. When Joachim Horsley reorches the Allegretto of Beethoven's 7th, he does not expect to be seen and heard by nearly 10 million Internet users. On "Via Havana", his latest album, Cuban Rumba and Afro-Venezuelan, Cape Verdean or Haitian styles flamboyantly color the famous themes of Beethoven, Shostakovich, Mozart, Bach, Schubert and Dvorak. American pianist, multi-instrumentalist, Joachim Horsley is also a sound designer and a composer of film music.