Roberto Fonseca Trio

Roberto Fonseca (piano) Ӣ Ruly Herrera (drums) Ӣ Yandi Martinez (bass)

Thursday 28/07     PLANPRAZ

The great Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca once again surrounds himself with his trio of Ruly Herrera (drums) and Yandi Martinez (electric and acoustic bass), to take his Afro-Cuban traditions to new horizons. The result is the project "Yesun" - a symbol of water drawn from the well of Afro-Cuban history, redistilled and turned towards the future. Like a river that gushes forth and is enriched by its contrasting tributaries, the trio feeds on and explores traditional music, funk, Latin jazz, bossa and all Afro-Cuban rhythms. Roberto Fonseca and his trio modernise and sublimate tradition by breathing new life into it!
  Thursday 28/07 - 12h


Located at the intermediate station of the Brévent cable car at 2000m, the Planpraz "balcony" offers a panoramic view of the Aiguille du Midi, the Cosmiques ridge, the Mont-Blanc, the Dôme du Goûter and the Drus.

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